To move or not to move...that is the question!  

Well, I'm sure some of you read my post about moving. You can forget about it. On Thursday I was asked if I wanted to stay in my apartment. Apparently "the powers that be" had been doing some rethinking (maybe they felt sorry for me trying to move while being sick & extremely busy?!) and reworked some things & I could stay in my apartment if I wanted to! Hooray! Now, I have about 1/2 of my belongings packed up and the entire apartment is in disarray from it, but it's easier to unpack what is boxed up than to continue packing, move across the street and find new places for all my stuff! While the apartment is all torn up, I'm turning it into a "Spring Cleaning" too!

I am temporarily displaced for a couple days. My new roommate painted her room yesterday & with the breathing problems I've been having I didn't think it would be healthy to sleep here with all the paint fumes! Not a big deal. I'm staying with my old roommate in her new apartment. (She was mostly moved already and had made plans with her new roommates, so she decided to go through with her move.)

This last week I went back to the doctor (Urgent care. I can't get in to see a "normal" doctor for a month!) He is the same guy I saw when I went in for bronchitis, so I was able to bring him up to speed on what had happened since I saw him 2 weeks before! I did well for a couple days after the ER, but then had 3 bad attacks in one night where I woke up & couldn't breathe. The inhaler helped, but it's hard to go back to sleep after that, so I wasn't getting much sleep! He upped my medications a little and thinks if we can give my lungs some rest, they will heal on their own & this won't be permanent. It seems to be helping. Last night I slept through the night!


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