Asthma, the ER & roaches  

Over the last weekend, I suffered two attacks of not being able to breathe. The first time it was in the middle of the night and I thought it was random related to being sick with bronchitis the week before & not quite better yet. The second time, I was sitting watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and all the sudden I couldn't breathe. Kelly & Christina took me to the ER to get checked out. (Kelly had been off island and wasn't supposed to return until 4:30am the next day. I had been staying at her house with her kids while she was gone, so was thankful that God had allowed her to come home early because the second attack happened at her house while she was home!)

The ER here is very different than in the States. Kelly & Christina were waiting with me and Security periodically came through and kicked everyone out who wasn't waiting to be seen by a doctor. Now, the waiting area was getting a little full, but if a sick person came in, they always gave up their chair and stood. But then the guard told them they couldn't stand and wait either. They had to go outside. One of the other patients explained to us that here on Guam, if someone goes to the hospital, the entire extended family goes too! We quickly realized that many of these people had at least 4-5 relatives or more waiting with them! The waiting area seats only about 15 people, so no wonder they don't let everyone in! It definitely a new experience for us!

I am now on some medications to help and an inhaler if I need it. I also have been doing some research on asthma triggers. (warning, this next part is kind of gross!) One of the main triggers listed is cockroach droppings. Yuck! We do get roaches here. (I always thought of them as being in dirty, unkept places, but not here on Guam. They like clean houses too!) Roaches are so disgusting! And they're fast little boogers too! So now that I know this could be what is triggering my asthma, I'll try to take more steps to prevent it. Including a treatment for allergies!


  • mike.kris  
    4:16 PM

    Are you going to do your "voodoo" allergy treatment? Did Mike tell you that we found out that Pastor Mike and his wife do that too?!?
    Cockroaches, huh? Don't know that Guam is the place for me, although Daisy would probably love it. She's already killed (but will not eat) several flies today. The only "bugs" (don't tell Dr. Raske that I referred to lepidoptera as bugs) that she will eat are moths, and those she loves.

  • mike.kris  
    12:23 PM

    If you do the arm resistance with the roaches, make sure you get a picture for me. I'd love to see you squeasing a sqirmy roach! -Mike

  • Shannon  
    9:00 PM

    Jenni - Good to "find" you on the web. I'll have to keep up with all you guys at Harvest now. I have a friend Katy Bauer working there this summer. Anyways, sorry to hear about your asthma problems..I bet the climate there is just a tad different from good old Wisconsin!

  • Dan & Karis Seely  
    5:36 PM
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  • Dan & Karis Seely  
    5:38 PM

    Hi Sister Jenny!

    It seems like so long ago since Campus Kids with the Reese's... I've talked to several people from or going to Guam recently. Like Shannon said, Katy Bower from our church is there this summer. Jared and Becky Skeens and cute little Kara Grace were in church on Wednesday (Becky's parents go to our church). My little brother got married on June 9 and his wife has a friend Jodie who helped with the wedding and teaches Spanish in Guam if I remember correctly. Now, I just got connected to your blog from Shannon's blog -- what a small world.


  • Miriam  
    3:54 PM

    Well, if I was there, I'd help treat you. First you'd have to find the droppings, then hold them (preferably in your bare hand, Ha!) . . . Have you found anyone there to treat you?

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