A Mexican Supper  

Tonight's supper will be Speedy Layered Chicken Enchilada Pie. Recipe recommended to me by my friend, Leslie.

I'm cooking the chicken using this roasting method  from The Big Red Pot.
Making the beans in the crock pot using CrockPot365.
Dixie Cornbread from Southern Plate. Love her recipes! And her Southern Charm! Being a Northerner living in the South, I have learned much from her! This recipe is part of her hilarious "Six Meals to Marriage Proposal". (I'm working on that one!) :-)

I do hope the cornbread turns out. If not, it won't be Christy's fault! I realized I had cornmeal MIX, not regular cornmeal. I realized it before I started mixing, so I left out the flour, salt and baking soda 'cause they were already in the mix!

Hopefully it all goes well!