My Saturday  

Today I decided to get out and do something new!

This morning I rode my bike to the bus stop and loaded it onto the bike rack on the front of the bus. Headed downtown to the Saturday Market. I bought some strawberries and then on to find TTR Bikes. They used to be closer to my house, but they moved downtown not too long ago. It's a really nice shop! I looked around awhile, then asked about getting my Stokemonkey installed when it arrives. TTR is willing to help me out! They even offered to pick my bike up for me because I'm not sure it will fit on the bus racks after I have the Freeradical installed. Now that's what I call service!

After TTR Bikes, I headed to Mast General Store (I'll have to take Mom & Dad there next time they're down!) and OP Taylors Toy Store

I went to Jimmy John's for lunch and had a good sub! Then it was back to the bus for my trip home.

This afternoon I got some stuff done around the apartment and tonight I'm going to watch Enchanted after it finishes downloading from iTunes!