Works-for-me-Wednesday - Acne  

Several years ago I was fed up with my acne. I was about ready to break down and shell out the money for Proactiv because I had heard good things about it. In researching alternatives, I found Dan Kern's A little skeptical about how it would actually work, I decided to buy the initial supplies at Wal-Mart. (Similar items are available in stores. Dan's products are only available online. Long term, the items on are more cost effective.)

Wow! I saw results within 1-2 weeks. Soon others were commenting that my skin was clearing up and asking where they could get it!

I switched to the products on the website and they are MUCH better than what you get in the store. The Neutrogena benzoyl peroxide cream turns white when you sweat. Dan's formula is a gel that goes on clear and doesn't turn white. It also absorbs into my skin better than the cream.

Dan has a whole regimen available, but the treatment product is the only one I've used. In my search for inexpensive gentle soap, I realized that baby soap would work! I don't need moisturizer very often, but when I do, I use oil free lotions.

So that is what works for me! For more, visit Rocks in my Dryer.


Works for Me Wednesday - Airline Travel  

As holiday travel season is approaching, I thought I'd share travel tips that work for me!

Water - TSA regulations forbid bringing liquids through security, and drinks in the airport are EXPENSIVE! I bring my own empty water bottle and fill it up at a drinking fountain after I clear security screening. I like my CamelBak because the lid has a loop so I can attach it to my bag with a carabiner. Or you can attach a regular water bottle with one of these. You could also bring some "on the go" flavor packs along for some variety.

Luggage - Mail it! My next upcoming trip has 3 separately ticketed segments with overnights and stopovers at each place. I plan on mailing clothes ahead to a couple of the destinations. This will save me money in the long run and I won't have heavy luggage to collect at each stop. For instance, for my farthest destination, I'd have to pay a total of $90 round trip for my first checked suitcase. I can mail quite a bit for that amount! :-) I'll carry a couple changes of clothes and things in my carry-on.

Pillow - Airline pillows just don't cut it. They are small and wimpy. Most of the time I travel with my full size down pillow. Especially on international flights! So far it's never been counted as an extra carry-on. I guess because it can sit in my lap. I used to have a drawstring backpack that I could stuff it in to hike through the airport without having to carry it. But then I got a smaller bag and a larger pillow. That combination didn't work so well. :-)

Snacks - bring your own candy, granola bars, dried fruit, peanut butter sandwich, etc. Airport food is expensive and snacks on the plane are OUTRAGEOUS!

Bungee cords - stick a couple different sizes in your carry-on bag. They come in handy for all sorts of things. I now strap my pillow to my wheeled carry-on suitcase with them.

Packing cubes - these keep your suitcase neat and organized, especially when it gets checked by TSA! I have 2 sets of these and they hold almost all of my clothes for a 2 week trip! A place for everything & everything in it's place!
Packing Cubes - 3pc Set

Document organizer - This keeps my tickets, passport, frequent flyer cards and other documents organized. There is a pen holder loop and a zippered pocket where I keep my foreign currency. I drop it in the front pocket of my carry-on so it's always accessible.
Frontier Document Organizer

Pack-it-flat Toiletry Kit - I absolutely love this toiletry kit for traveling. It's slim for packing in my carry-on or suitcase. It holds everything I need. When open, there is a small hanging hook for the bathroom door or towel rack.
Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit

For more works-for-me Wednesday tips, visit Rocks in my Dryer


New Kevin Inafuku CD  

Kevin Inafuku released a new CD last month - Love So Amazing  It's on sale through the end of November for $12.

Harvest Ministries announces the release of the latest musical recording by Kevin Inafuku, Love So Amazing. For the glory of God, this recording is congregationally-oriented to help people comprehend and worship God for Who He is through hymns that speak with power about our God, Psalms straight from Scripture that challenge our view of God and spiritual songs that push us to a genuine relationship with Christ. Selections on the recording include "A Mighty Fortress is Our God," "O Great God," "My Abba's Child" and many more. You can listen to a few samples from the CD below, then be sure to visit the Online Store to purchase your copy of Love So Amazing.

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
Forgive Me
Speak, O Lord


Frugal Friday - Save $5/month from AT&T  

Did you know you can save $5/month if you have DSL and cellular service from AT&T? Just make a simple phone call and they will set you up with a bundle and combine both of the bills in to one.

Here's the link to the information.

This saves me $5/month or $60/year!

If you have a landline that you only use for DSL access, ask about switching to dry DSL. That can save you about $15 extra per month!


This post is dedicated to Mike & Luke  

Mike & Luke are the biggest Star Wars fans I know!

You can view the lyrics here.


Hauling large loads with a bike  

I've hauled some fairly decent loads with my bike. Others that have Xtracycles have hauled much more than I. The loads on this video are quite impressive! :-)