Guam Stealth B-2 Bomber Crash  

I saw a few of these bombers while I lived on Guam. They are incredible to see in the air!

On Saturday, about 10:30 am Guam time (7:30pm Friday EST) a $1.2 billion Stealth B-2 bomber crashed shortly after takeoff. Both pilots ejected safely. One has been released and the other is in stable condition. This is the first crash of a B-2 since the planes were unveiled in 1988.

KUAM news (local TV station)
Pacific News Center
Pacific Daily News


Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes. -Benjamin Franklin  

And it's tax season again! My taxes are mostly done. I thought about hiring a CPA this year until I looked into the cost! Ouch! I asked around and one CPA friend told me "Get TurboTax.". Another friend who owns his own business said, "Get TurboTax!" I took their advice! I'm glad I did! It was simple and walked me through all the steps and my various deductions. I'm almost done with federal. (Have a couple things to check and got one more piece of paperwork in the mail the other day.) State should be even simpler since it uses all the data from the federal return.

Amazon had the best pricing for the software. Much cheaper than Intuit direct, Wal-Mart or any of the office supply stores!


Catching up from Christmas  

I went home to Iowa for three weeks at Christmas. I ended up being sick most of the first week. But overall I had a great time! Aayla and I had fun looking at puppies on the computer. She LOVES animals and every time she saw me with my laptop, she came over and crawled in my lap so we could look at puppies!

Here are a few pictures of the cutie:

Heather came to stay with me for several days as well and we got to catch up with each other, relax and what we do best - shop! :-) Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of us. This is a picture of a gift that Mom & I made for her. Green M&Ms are her favorite, so I bought a bag of Christmas ones and sacrificed and ate all the red ones and drank a Starbuck's Frappuccino to make this!