A ring tone I don't want!  

I ran across this article today in the NY Times about a new ring tone teens are using. The premise behind it is the tone is so high pitched that older people can't hear it & they can get text messages in class.

I listened to the tone and it is ANNOYING! Guess I'm not old yet though because I can hear it! :-) I can also tell if a TV is on down the hall even if the volume is off because it emits a high pitched noise as well. http://tinyurl.com/qvgx2 Below the picture is a link to hear the tone and a chart to see if your ears are "younger" than you!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you can hear it or not!


the "bug"  

A nice little bug has been passed around the staff the last several days. I was the lucky recipient today. Ugh! I didn't sleep well last night & didn't feel "up to par" this morning, but figured it was lack of sleep. I worked for a few hours, then had some time I felt I could take to get away and try to sleep so I didn't get sick. It didn't work. Maintenance was at my house replacing our ceiling fans, so I went to my friends house and napped on the couch. I didn't feel any better after a 1 1/2 hour nap, so I called & said I wasn't coming back in to work. I stayed up for a little while, then napped again. Woke up from my nap and well...I'll spare you the details! Let's just say I felt really bad bringing a bug to their house, so I disinfected everything I had touched!

I don't know when the last time I had the flu was! So long ago, I think it might have been in elementary school! Must be new germs out here!

On a positive note - for anyone counting it's 28/33!


All clear given  

The governor has declared a Condition of Readiness 4, which means everything is back to "normal". Still cloudy & rainy, but the storm has passed!


Condition of Readiness Updates  

We've moved up to a Condition of Readiness (COR) 2! Campus is secured. The storm still hasn't been named, so it's not a typhoon yet. Here are some links to watch the storm.

(Watch our webcam until it gets blown off the building or the internet connection goes down!)
http://www.goes.noaa.gov/guam/guamloops/guamvs.html (If you have Java installed, you can see this one. Click on the Start button.)
http://www.npmoc.navy.mil/jtwc.html - Click on the blue links to the right of TC Warning Graphic & 3 Hour Updated Position Graphic
http://www.guamhs.org/main/ Department of Homeland Security

Tomorrow is supposed to be 35-40mph winds. If you're reading any of the stuff on links above and care to convert knots to MPH, 1 knot = 1.15077945 mph

Just as I tried to post this, the power flickered for a few seconds and knocked my DSL out for awhile. Since then, the storm has been named. That makes it an "official" storm. It has been named "Saomai". That is the Vietnamese word for Venus.

As I'm writing, we moved up to a COR 1. It's still not a typhoon, but a tropical storm. Lots of wind & rain.


I didn't mean THAT MUCH rain!  

My last post was titled "Bring on the rain!" So...today we are in Condition Readiness 3 for a tropical storm! We have to batten down the hatches and we're expecting up to 6" of rain and very high winds over the next couple days.

Going to go start working on preparations. Filling up water, do a load of laundy( in case power goes out for awhile), close typhoon shutters, eat all the ice cream in the freezer (bummer, I don't have any!)

Mom- just in case you're worried...it's not a typhoon yet! We get everything ready just in case! I've been through this once already since I've been here.


Bring on the rain!  

Tonight after work I did some work on my car. Nothing major, just stuff I hadn't been able to get to in awhile. I put on my registration sticker and changed my wiper blades. Bring on the rain! I want to try them out! :-)

Today was sweltering! As soon as you stepped outside, you were dripping with sweat! Ugh! Thank goodness for air con!

Still no uniforms today. :-( Keep praying!



New pictures of Aayla are posted on my brother's website. Follow the link on the right-hand side of the page. She's a cutie! (BTW, Mike & Kris- you need to post MORE pictures! Or we need to webcam soon!)

Work has been busy. School starts in 1 1/2 weeks. More things came in yesterday on the container, so we were busy putting school supplies on the shelves and everything that goes with that. Many hands made light work & we got a lot accomplished yesterday & today! I have a great staff working for me! Unfortunately, we don't have the new stock for our uniforms yet. There have been some holdups and they're not here! Please pray about that! We are completely out of stock on a lot of things! (It's a really, really long story. Don't ask! The short version - the vendor promised them to us a week and a half ago, but they're still not here!)

Staff inservice started today. My former boss, Bobby Wood and his dad will be here doing sessions. Looking forward to seeing both of them again! (To the rest of the fam - have fun with Grandma Flash!)

41 days until I go see Aayla (and the rest of my family)! I booked my ticket to South Carolina last weekend. I'm going to spend a few days in Greenville with Heather, then we are flying back to Iowa together. I was having a very hard time finding the same flight she had booked awhile ago. (I wasn't able to book at the same time as her.) That meant we were going to fly to Memphis separately (planes leaving 5 minutes apart) or she could try to get standby on my flight. I called her to check on a couple other details and her flight had been changed to the only one I saw available! We were able to book seats with each other on all our flights! Hooray!

I'm a total geek! I love technology. Heather tells me she's not sure if I would be able to survive without a computer, pda or phone. Probably not. Over the weekend I did something pretty cool. I hooked up a cordless (bluetooth) headset to my computer and called Heather's cell phone from my computer (which was wireless as well)! It was weird to think that this little piece of plastic and electronics was able to hook up to my computer, which dialed a phone in the States! What would Alexander Graham Bell think!?