Condition of Readiness Updates  

We've moved up to a Condition of Readiness (COR) 2! Campus is secured. The storm still hasn't been named, so it's not a typhoon yet. Here are some links to watch the storm.
(Watch our webcam until it gets blown off the building or the internet connection goes down!) (If you have Java installed, you can see this one. Click on the Start button.) - Click on the blue links to the right of TC Warning Graphic & 3 Hour Updated Position Graphic Department of Homeland Security

Tomorrow is supposed to be 35-40mph winds. If you're reading any of the stuff on links above and care to convert knots to MPH, 1 knot = 1.15077945 mph

Just as I tried to post this, the power flickered for a few seconds and knocked my DSL out for awhile. Since then, the storm has been named. That makes it an "official" storm. It has been named "Saomai". That is the Vietnamese word for Venus.

As I'm writing, we moved up to a COR 1. It's still not a typhoon, but a tropical storm. Lots of wind & rain.


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