I'm trying to get my life a bit more organized this year. Laura at "I'm an Organizing Junkie" is hosting 52 weeks of Organizing. That might be doable! I typically get overwhelmed, but seeing it in manageable chunks seems less intimidating! I'm already a week behind, but I have a few really small projects, so I hope to tackle two one week and catch up!

I have some fabric bins from IKEA that I love. Great for stashing stuff that sometimes just has no other place to go! I keep my bike helmets and other related gear in one. It is nice to have it all accessible near the door, all in one place and out of sight!

Another bin contains cables and miscellaneous electronic stuff. It is always a mess and the small stuff gets lost in the bottom. So I organized it today! Some stuff will be sold at a garage sale or on eBay. The rest of it went in smaller boxes. I added a white sticker and some packing tape so I could label them with a dry erase marker. (I hate permanent labels! I might change my mind about what goes in the box!) is much better now!