Hello to Paul Allen (if you're still reading my blog)  

Let me preface this post with a few things. First, I have occasionally been called a "geek". I take that as compliment. Second, I am starting my own business as an independent research/purchasing agent (my nickname "ertlnet" was given to me by a friend because I can find almost anything on the web). This post shows both my "geekness" and just what I can dig up when I go hunting!

My last post was about the mega yacht, the Octopus. Three days later, I got a hit on my site from a Google blog search for "Paul Allen". No big deal, right? Well... that hit came from a host name with the word "portable" in it. That got me thinking... portable? as in "on a yacht"? That led me to the ISP of the host name. Guess who owns that particular ISP? You guessed it- Paul Allen! Along the way I also discovered a connection to a fixed orbit satellite, thereby making me wonder if my blog was hit by Paul Allen himself or someone aboard his yacht! Now that would be pretty cool!

Paul, if that was you and you're reading this post also, thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoyed your time on Guam! Did you have a chance to go diving? And thanks for the adventure of tracking down all this information on who hit my blog. It was fun!

And if it wasn't Paul and didn't happen via the route I mapped out above, well, I can dream big, can't I? ;-) I did track down enough solid information to be pretty sure that it at least came from someone with a close connection to Paul Allen!


  • Heather  
    8:19 AM

    10 degrees of seperation right? : )

  • ertlnet  
    6:45 AM

    You're close, it's "6 degrees of separation". I think I can do it in 4 or 5.

    1. My mom went to school with Forry Smith.
    2. Forry Smith played football for the Seattle Seahawks.
    3. Paul Allen owns the Seahawks.

    This is where I'm not sure about the rest of the connections - Forry may know a Seahawk that knows Paul. (but I think he played too long ago to make a good connection there.) The better connection would be - Forry is an actor. Paul Allen knows lots of actors/actresses in Hollywood. So somewhere there has got to be a connection! They either know each other or they have a mutual friend!

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