Temperatures here on Guam are about 85 degrees year round. Typically it is pretty humid too unless there are tradewinds. The last several days have been very unusual with the temps aroudn 75-78. I've had the windows open and the air con off for 4 days now and it's colder in the apartment than we normally keep it! It's been very rainy too. Reminds me of a warm fall or spring day in the States! However, because the temperatures are down about 10 degrees from what our thin blood is used to, we are donning jackets, socks and warmer clothes! Who would have thought?!

Yesterday I went for some x-rays at the clinic. My hip has been bothering me for quite some time - walking up stairs, sitting, sleeping... and it just didn't seem to be getting better. Last week my chiropractor ordered some picts. I'm not a doctor, but I could immediately see what was wrong! Just above my hips, my spine starts to curve. (I think the last time I had a full spine x-ray was about 10 years ago & it apparently didn't show up then.) I went to the chiropractor today and he looked at the x-rays and confirmed my findings. (And my hips are out by about 6mm too!) He's not worried about the curve and is pretty sure he can correct it & get me back to normal! Hooray!

Monday we had the day off for Discovery Day. Thank you Magellan for discovering Guam! I slept in and that was great! I did some cooking for a party later in the evening. Went to get x-rays taken. Came back home & collected the stuff I needed to take to the party & headed out. We had a great time. Chad smoked a beef brisket. We had SO much food! John entertained us with stories from his recent trip to a convention in the States. It was good to relax and hang out with friends.

Kelly is sick today. I hope I don't catch it from her. I dropped Luke off after school and went in to check on her & she was sleeping. Probably a good thing!


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