The name game  

This is my new friend. The baby gecko lives on my desk & the windowsill of my new office in the server room. He needs a name. I've thought about calling him IP. Does anyone else have a creative "geek" name for my gecko?

This picture of him next to my cell phone shows how tiny he really is.

Every once in awhile he darts out from behind something or jumps from the window to my desk and startles me!


  • mike.kris  
    2:57 PM

    A "geek" name, huh. BIOS, RAM, Switch, Firewire, Java, etc. Kris says "Picasa." If he pees on your desk alot you could call him "Inkjet."

  • Heather  
    8:48 PM

    What about Modem? Although inkjet is intersting....Or to be real original, how about Mouse?

  • mike.kris  
    11:30 PM

    Do you think you could smuggle him home? He's just too cute - I think Aayla needs a little pet gecko!

  • joyfully2b4u  
    5:53 PM

    I'm horrible at the name game, but how about "geeko"?

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