I have arrived safely in Narita! I had the whole row to myself, so I slept most of the way on the plane. I woke up for breakfast. Fried rice and something they said was beef. It wasn't too bad.

5 hours to kill in the airport here, so I came to one of my favorite spots - Yahoo! Internet Cafe. Free computer acces. The one drawback is that a lot of the web pages show up in Japanese, so I either have to go by memory or guess! The keyboard layout is slightly different as well, so that slows me down some, but hey, at least I won't go into withdrawals without internet!

Now I'm heading out to kill more time - get a massage, wander around the terminal, find the observation deck and go outside and see how cold it feels to me! It's 68 degrees. I have been living in 85 degree weather for almost a year and a half now, so it's going to feel cold!


  • Anonymous  
    6:01 PM

    Jen...long time no see sister...headed back to IA aye...been a long time since I checked your blog...was browsing today and ran across it...very cool...check out my blog as you have time..catch up on the happenings and drop a line when you have free time :-)


    Brad H
    Ames, IA

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