We went diving today!  

It was great! I had to get past the mental part of diving - your brain tells you that you can't breathe underwater. I was breathing and relaxed, but my head kept telling me to surface and breathe "real" air. First you work on skills in shallow water that you can stand in. While the instructor was testing the others, I kept working on getting over the mental part. Eventually it just "clicked". (I had done a one day "discover diving" course a couple years ago as an intro & had the same problem, so I knew I'd eventually be fine!)

Once we finished practicing our skills in the shallow water, we headed out into deeper waters. We dove about 20 feet down. It is an awesome experience. You are basically weightless and you see a whole different world underwater. We saw parrotfish, puffer fish (but it didn't puff), flounder, picasso triggerfish, lizardfish, butterfly fish, and other ones I don't know the names of yet! No, I didn't find Nemo yet, but I'll keep ya posted! ;-) It's like swimming in an aquarium!


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