hit the beach!  

Tennis shoes.....$50
Walk on the beach at sunset for exercise.......priceless!

Last night I went for a walk on the beach. It's a 10 minute drive to get there and the view is great! All the hotels there have outdoor restaurants and it was suppertime, so it smelled great too! I was racing the sun hoping I could finish my walk before the sun set. I did! I watched the sun set, the silhouetted paddlers in their outrigger canoes, people walking their dogs, kids playing in the sand, fishermen on their cellphones, snorkelers, tourists, locals... It was great exercise and you can't beat the view!


  • mike.kris  
    11:41 AM

    Just might be worth it in spite of the cockroaches! Sounds wonderful, but I'm sure that it's too hot there for me right now!

  • mike.kris  
    12:29 PM

    I'm not sure if I believe this story. It really can't take 10 minutes to drive anywhere on the island. Sounds fishy to me! -mike

  • Laura64  
    9:25 PM

    I'll take a walk on the beach VS a walk around the block with a constipated golden retriever any day!

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