Yard Sale Spoils  

Armed with my smartphone and the Yard Sale Treasure Map app (check out the website, they have PC, Android & iPhone versions!), we headed out this morning to find some bargains. Here are the yard sale spoils for the weekend. I was really on the hunt to find some things to resell, but ended up with a few things we needed for the house instead!

$5  - 1 piece place setting of our dishes - Noritake Colorwave Graphite. It is missing a mug, but for that price, who cares? Normal retail price is $39.99
$3  -  large brown throw pillow for the couch. Brand new!
$10 - wireless router
$1  - The game of things.
25 cents - wire rack for the kitchen

The dishes were purchased at a benefit yard sale. We think they actually came from Bed, Bath & Beyond since they had several new items in packages from there. This was definitely my favorite find of the day!

I've not been able to print wirelessly since we got married because our modem/router is downstairs and my office is upstairs. It's been a slight pain, but I didn't want to spend $50 to buy another router or bridge. (My router didn't have the capability to pick up the signal from downstairs). I thought $10 was definitely worth it. There have been several times I needed to print off a recipe, coupon or something and I was downstairs. In order to print, I had to take the laptop upstairs, dock it, print, undock & take it back downstairs. I can't wait to get this hooked up! Looks like I got a pretty good bargain. This is going for about $20 with shipping on ebay.

The game of things is one I've wanted for a couple years. It's been on my Christmas list and our wedding registry. It looks brand new. Some of the parts are still in the shrink wrap. Hmmm...used ones are selling on ebay for around $20. Tempting. But since I've wanted it for awhile, I think I'll keep it for now.

Sadly, there probably won't be many yard sales next weekend since it is a holiday. Hopefully, there will be some so we can go again! The following weekend we're planning to have a yard sale of our own, so no hunting that weekend! :-(


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