How do I love my Grape Nuts? Oh, let me count the ways!  

I LOVE Grape Nuts! Growing up, my dad ate them almost every day for breakfast. I thought they were gross. I don't remember when, but eventually I developed a love for them. These are my favorite ways to eat them. (In no particular order)

1. Plain
2. Drizzled with honey
3. Mixed with granola. Homemade or Breadshop's Crunchy Oat Bran are my favorites. Post thought they were doing me a favor by creating Trail Mix Crunch. I tried it. Yuck. It seemed to get soggy too quickly. And the taste wasn't the greatest either.
4. Mixed with a 4-6 oz container of fruit yogurt. Raspberry, Blackberry Pomegranate are my favorites. (add milk, then the yogurt on top)
5. Hot (with a little butter. This was in the original recipe I got off the box years ago)
6. With honey and coconut.
7. With raisins
8. With honey coconut pancake topping
9. Grape Nuts ice cream. Had this at a friend's house. Not sure what recipe they used, but I found one here.
10. With fresh strawberries
11. With fresh raspberries


  • mike.kris  
    9:30 PM

    My family LOVES grapenut ice cream - to me, it's a sin and a waste. Who needs dog food in their ice cream?

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