Camelbak Spill Proof Water Bottle  

On my way to Iowa, my good water bottle fell out of my bag and was lost on the plane. I was sad. Thus began the search for a replacement. I had read a tip that drinking water from a bottle with a straw encourages you to drink more, so this was a good time to give it a try!

I found a 32 oz Camelbak bottle that is spill proof and absolutely love it! The straw flips back into the lid to help keep it clean.

It's with me during the day and since I've been sick, I keep it by my bed at night too. When I wake up coughing, I take a couple sips. I don't worry about knocking it over and dumping it out or having to unscrew a lid, sit up and try to drink without spilling it all over myself.

If you're looking for a good water bottle to help you keep a New Year's Resolution to drink more water, then pick up one of these in one of 4 different colors! (There are also smaller bottles available in up to 9 different colors.)


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