'Tis the Season to Travel  

With people gearing up to travel for the holidays, I thought I'd post some of my favorite travel resources.

- This site will show you the good bad and ugly of your airline seat choices. I always refer to this when choosing my airline seats!

Packing cubes from eBags - (click on the picture to go to the site for more info.) These help keep your suitcase organized. When I arrive at my destination, my clothes aren't a jumbled mess. I confess. I own a lot of eBags items - packing cubes, suitcase, laptop bag, luggage locks, toiletry bag, shoe bag, the list goes on! They produce quality and functional items. They also sell many other brands, but if I have a choice, eBags wins out hands down! (After seeing my packing cubes, several of my friends are now converts. One of my friends uses a different color for each family member.)
Packing Cubes - 3pc Set

TSA (Transportation Security Administration)
- Traveler information including prohibited items, carry-on policy, etc.

Sleeping in Airports - Yes, I have done this a few times! Not because I didn't want to get a hotel, but because of a long layover on international flights & I just couldn't stay awake any longer!


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