Geocaching & Xtracycling  

For quite some time now I have been wanting a GPS to take up geocaching (basically an electronic worldwide treasure hunt) I finally got my GPS on Monday! (Note- Some may see this as a frivolous purchase since I am carfree, as in, "Couldn't that money be spent better elsewhere or put towards a car?" Well, yes, but God provided a gift certificate to a sporting goods store, so I was able to purchase this and several other things for about $8 total!)

Anyway, this morning I put the bike mount on my bike, clipped on the GPS and headed out. I hunted several downtown and in the parks nearby. I also hit the Saturday Market and had lunch at Falls Park. Unfortunately, I only found 2 of the caches, but I was really close to several. I didn't take a list of hints with me that would have helped. Guess I'll do that next time! In all, I biked/walked 19.7 miles today! (Thanks to my GPS, I can now track my miles & speed!)

Had several inquiries about my Xtracycle today. One guy has even been considering buying one and previously ran into the other guy here in town that owns one. Oh, and one guy that saw me riding at Furman a couple weeks ago!


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