Shout out to Jamie!  

This post is for Jamie P. She was hollering at me today because I haven't updated my blog in quite awhile. True. I have been incredibly busy lately getting my Christmas shopping done, packages shipped out, working, Christmas cantata, Jeremy & Luke's Christmas concerts, Christmas parties...

We had an 4.5 earthquake yesterday afternoon. Just a baby one.

Speaking of baby, I saw Aayla on the webcam yesterday. She's getting big! And she smiled at Aunt Jenni! She's such a cutie! If you want to see recent pictures of her, check them out here:

It's Christmas break now - hooray!


  • Anonymous  
    12:32 PM

    Thanks Jenni!! Love reading what is happening in Guam. And photos of the warm weather will get me thru the snowy months!!. Take care of the Filipiak's and yourself. Have a MERRY MERRY Christmas .,....j-me

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